Acne can be treated with the appropriate skincare products, combined with prescriptions and in-office treatments. We will also discuss ways to prevent bacteria build up in your day to day routine!

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Pigmentation is treated by using topical products and in-office treatments. Once under control it is time to maintain and prevent. We offer medical grade products that are available only through a physician.

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Rosacea is a chronic condition and its symptoms can be reduced and managed. We offer topical products to help sooth and treat, and offer treatments that will address the problems associated with this condition.

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To reverse the signs of aging use the best anti-aging topical products! At DLC we make sure to give you the best we can find! Create a schedule of in-office treatments including facial treatments and injectables.

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Here at DLC we are Medically Supervised, Private and Safe.

We only choose the best medical grade products we can find for our clients! We believe the services that we provide will give you the results you have been looking for. First time clients are seen for a consultation with Dr. Liberatore and/or our Medical Aesthetician. Dr. Liberatore performs ALL of our injectable treatments as well as provides expert skincare advice. Our certified Medical Aesthetician performs all of our skincare treatments. We are located in the Burlington Professional Centre, to ensure our clients privacy.